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Botox Injection

Exclusive Services

Cosmetic Injections

Wrinkle relaxing cosmetic injections using JEUVEAU by Evolus.

$8/unit on the first visit

$10/unit for each following visit

Cosmetic Injections Coupon

Receive a coupon from JEUVEAU worth $40 off of first 20 units purchased in salon. Coupon can be  redeemed the day of your appointment!

Lipo B Shots 

Vitamin B12 Shots


B12 improves metabolism and increases metabolism aiding in weight management and overall energy. If you prepay for 4 injections you get $10 off  ($90 for 4 injections)


A combination of powerful ingredients

  • Methionine - a powerful antioxidant and lipotropic agent that speeds up fat removal within the liver and prevents fat build up

  • Inositol - helps with weight loss and redistribution of body fat

  • Choline - assists with fat burning, promotes weight loss, and liver health

  • Vitamin B12

  • If you prepay for 4 injections you  get $15 off  ($165 for 4 injections)

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